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Technical specification of bottles cap

1-      Bottle caps produced by company are fit for both fizzy and still drinks.

2-      Stoppers have been designed to make gas-tight caps with the highest assurance index.

3-      Cap’ seal is designed to be easily broken and open bottle tops.

4-      Cap produced by the company are compatible with all types of performs existing in the Iranian markets, leaving the least amount of loss during production process .sine cap is sealed on bottle after filling stage, any loss at this stage would damage bottle, cap and drink at the same time. Therefore, reducing loss is of great importance at this stage.

Bottle neck standard: Pco.28

Weight: 3.2 gr

Application: All types of bottle with Pco.28 neck for.

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Office Address :

No.5, Saman Bank Upper Floor, Aria Dilemma, Aria Ave., Farmanieh St., Tehran, IRAN

Tel: +98 21 22830085     Fax: +98 21 228 04945

Factory Address :

Fifth Golrokh St., First Golshid St., Second Golrokh St., West Ghazali Blvd., Abourayhan Blvd., Eshtehard Industrial Park, Alborz, IRAN

Tel: +98 263 7773901-3    Fax: +98 263 7774477


Europian standards

Our preform injection machines are made by german KRAUSS MAFFEI which is one of the best manufactures in the world of injection machinery and leader in quality and circulation as well.

These injection machines are supported by a wide range of molds which are able to provide various size and weght of preform.

this company is able to produce preforms with range of 21 gr - 47 gr.

30% saving energy

Due to specific shape and dimentions of preforms, there is 30 % energy consumption on blew molding process. this is why casualties reduce at the lowest possible level.